New Multimedia DVD's

TG Images releases all new multimedia DVD's and Music CD's

The first of our newest content available, rich multimedia DVD's. Each DVD contains a specially selected set of images drawn from our vast galleries arranged into a slideshow, accompanied by a beautiful and tranquil soundtrack containing music composed and created by Tim Growcott ©

The second newest content, Music CD's, contain a set of music composed and created by Tim Growcott ©

For full details the DVD's and CD's we have available click on the Multimedia link located underneath the header.

New Site Launch January 2011

TG Images launched its new look site for 2011.

TG Images has been active for three (3) years now, starting back in 2007, when the original idea was conceived. The site was developed to showcase the beautiful landscapes and to capture the essence of my work as a photographer.

Times have moved on since then and after much discussion it was decided to revamp the website. Key new features include a fully interactive gallery, where one can view the artwork in a quick and effective manner. The site also includes a online shop (payments are made via PayPal). Feel free to browse the new site and experience these beautiful images firsthand.

All new Galleries

TG Images now features fully integrated flash galleries.

One of the newest features to the website is the intergrated galleries. Created using Javascript and JQuery, these galleries allow you may browse the wonderful landscapes with ease and really helps bring these images to life.

Gallery Preview

Preview of the gallery: Flora